Our Favourite Interactive Adverts

We run through our favourite interactive ads by other creators that display the power of interactivity in all its glory.


Honda may not be the most EXCITING cars in the world but they sure now how to use an interactive advert!

We really enjoyed this experience. Using Branching narrative in a different way. Being able to experience both stories almost simultaneously is such a refined sleek way demonstrating two sides to this car experience is genius (click here to watch)


We cant do a top interactive advert list without popping in one of our own (cough, cough).

This simplistic storyline lent into the power interactive advertising can have emotionally. Our premise for this ad was to allow our viewers to help Phoebe ‘choose’ how to wrap her one and only gift this Christmas. We then nudged on the power of human compassion by letting them know they could ‘choose’ to help by donating.

With choice comes great power!