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The Next Generation Of Entertainment. Redefining Content. 

With a cumulative experience of over twenty plus years in the film industry, our sibling founders boast a rich heritage deeply rooted in traditional filmmaking. Their journey commenced with the honour of their debut film being acknowledged by the prestigious Oscars. Drawing upon this esteemed background, we have seamlessly transitioned our focus to the dynamic realm of new media interactive content.

At INTERFLIX, we believe in the transformative power of interactive media. With a keen understanding of both traditional filmmaking techniques and the nuances of interactive storytelling, we are uniquely positioned to pioneer groundbreaking experiences that captivate audiences.

Our passion lies in pushing the boundaries of this exhilarating new medium, striving to redefine the very essence of storytelling. Through a harmonious fusion of creativity, technology, and audience engagement, we endeavor to craft immersive narratives that resonate deeply with viewers.

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