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WTF is gamification and why should brands be putting it in their 2022 video strategy?

Gamification is the buzz word for 2022 alongside the likes of Web3, NFTs and the meta verse. Some of the worlds largest industries including High end fashion are now seeing the power of the gaming sector and utilising gamification across their video content. But not every brand can afford Metaverse world building or full scale VR attraction so how can brands utilise it, in a simpler, user friendly way?

We will get to all of this, but first, let's chat gamification in detail. We have laid it out a few times in some of our blogs but this blog is dedicated to the ways in which we can utilise it for our clients.

Lets start from the top:

Gamification is the process of using game mechanics and game design principles to solve problems and engage audiences. It has been used in a variety of industries, from education to marketing, in order to drive engagement and motivation.

There are a number of gamification elements that can be used in video content, such as points, badges, leaderboards, challenges and rewards. By incorporating these elements into your video content, you can make it more interactive and engaging for your viewers.

Badges can be used to encourage viewers to watch more videos, by offering them a reward for doing so. For example, if a viewer watches all videos in a series, they could be awarded a badge.Leaderboards can also be used to gamify your video content. By incorporating a leaderboard into your video, viewers can compete against each other to see who can watch the most videos or earn the most points.

Points can be earned by viewers for watching videos, completing challenges or taking actions such as sharing the video with their friends. These points can then be used to unlock rewards, such as exclusive content, discounts or merchandise.

Challenges can be incorporated into your video content to encourage viewers to take action. For example, you could challenge viewers to watch a certain number of videos in a week or complete a quiz at the end of a video.

Rewards are a great way to gamify your video content and keep viewers coming back for more. By offering rewards for watching videos, taking actions or completing challenges, you can incentive viewers to engage with your content.

So what are the real benefits in 2022 for adding gamification into my video strategy?

-It will make your content more interactive and engaging for viewers

-It can drive up view counts and engagement

-It can incentivise viewers to take actions such as sharing your content

-It can be used to generate leads or sales

-It can be used to build loyalty and brand awareness

  • it removes barriers in your customer journey by allowing them to shop directly from your video.

  • Gen Z and millennial demand it as part of every day content now.

What are the ways brands can utilise it on a budget?

Lucky for you, gamification can be used in a variety of ways and doesn’t have to be expensive. There are a number of gamification elements that can be used in video content, and Interflix does it all in house. For example, one way brands can gamify their videos is by using clickable/shoppable video. Clickable/shoppable video is an interactive video format that allows viewers to click on objects within the video to learn more about them or take action. This type of gamification can be used to drive sales, generate leads or build loyalty and brand awareness. By incorporating interactive elements into your video content, you are taking the next step towards the evolution of video.

What sectors are using interactive gamification in their video content?

A number of industries are using gamification and interactive video content to engage and motivate their audiences. Here are a few examples:

-Retail: Retailers are using gamification to drive sales and loyalty. By incorporating interactive elements into their videos, such as clickable links and rewards, they are able to engage viewers and incentivise them to take action.

-Education: Gamification is being used in education to engage students and motivate them to learn. By incorporating game mechanics into educational videos, students are able to interact with the content and have fun while learning.

-Healthcare: Healthcare providers are using gamification to engage patients and promote healthy behavior. By incorporating gamification into health education videos, patients are able to learn about their health in a fun and interactive way.

-B2B: B2B companies are using gamification to engage and motivate their target audiences. By incorporating gamification into their video content, they are able to interact with viewers and drive results, trying once stale corporate videos into something personal. B to B is still at the end of the day people talking to people.

So there you have it, gamification is the buzzword for 2022 and there are a number of ways brands can utilise it within their video strategy. By incorporating gamification elements into your video content, you can make it more interactive and engaging for viewers. If you’re looking for ways to take your video content to the next level, contact Interflix today. We’re experts in gamification and can help you create interactive and engaging video content that drives results.

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