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FORBES - 'Why interactive gaming will pick up where branded video leaves off'

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

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For any Brands or Agencies looking to understand a little more about the power of Interactivity within advertising, Forbes did a great write up as to how it attracts a number of difficult-to-reach demographics for advertisers. 'For example, more than 90% of global internet users between the ages of 16 and 24 play games on at least one of their devices, making gaming a key opportunity for advertisers in 2020 and beyond. Technological advancements in interactive experiences are making adverts a more intriguing and potentially highly effective prospect for advertisers.

Despite the gaming market’s growth to date, advertisers have yet to take full advantage of new and diverse opportunities. While video games have been on advertisers’ radar for some time, their ad spend on traditional and digital video is typically up to 50 times what they spend on gaming, according to eMarketer.

Technological advancements in interactive experiences are making gaming a more intriguing and potentially highly effective prospect for advertisers. Games can deliver an expanded range of interactive experiences, from battle arena games that are the focus of the esports phenomenon to role-playing and first-person games that deliver interactive dramas and action adventures.These games offer narrative depth and cinematic quality that were not seen in previous generations of console games; as a result, they open an entirely new opportunity for advertisers.

As advertisers consider how to leverage these new types of games, they must learn about what works in these new environments. For example, in-game interactive ads must reflect the context of the game’s environment to avoid diminishing the experience and alienating the audience. Advertisers can also integrate marketing content in a variety of ways, including using ad elements that match the context of the game, ads that are targeted to individual players, and those which allow player interaction and unobtrusive product placements. These opportunities deliver strong results based on their contextual and interactive value.'

To read more of the article, please check out the link below

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