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What we are watching in the Interflix office!

Our November Movie Round Up!

So just like any other filmmakers, our love for film and TV is all encompassing.

Our office and studio is filled to the brim with movie props, posters and hundreds of DVDs!

So some of the INTERFLIX team are here to share some recommendations on things to watch as the dark nights draw in.

Harry - Chief Creative

A top 5 film: “Casablanca or The Shining or Big Trouble in Little China and The Thing (1982) or Vanilla Sky plus The Birds. Shaun of the Dead is amazing and the Silent Hill film is underrated. Indian Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark is my favourite in the series, but the character development in The Last Crusade is better. Did I mention The Royal Tenenbaums.”

This is what happens when you as the Head Creative to pick just 1 film!

Film you have watch in the last month: Tenet

Series you loving: Only Murders in the Building

Paul - Commercial Director

A top 5 film

Alien- Arguably the greatest sci-fi horror film ever made!!

Film watched in the last that I would recommend:

Dune (part 1) Titane Jungle Cruise The Card Counter Road Runner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain

Grace - CEO

A top 5 film: “I find this question so hard to answer as someone who consumes so many films. But one that sprung to mind was Whiplash. If you’re looking for something that leaves you feeling a little uneasy, this is a great one. OH and JO JO Rabbit.”

Film you have watch in the last month: “I really loved ‘Promising Young Women’. I’m a huge fan of anything created by LuckyChamp and thought this cast was outstanding! An important watch!

Series you loving: “I cant deny that I love to get home and switch off with some easy watching TV series. I’m keeping it light for this one and going with Dynasty on Netflix. A great remake of a classic. It’s beyond absurd in its storylines, but the costumes and set are something to rival!”

Debbie - Production

A top 5 film: Forrest Gump, because he did what so many people cant. He got up and he just did it!.”

Series you loving: “Brassic on Sky. It is an easy, funny watch! No matter what he goes through, it all comes back to family and friends! I finished all three seasons in a few weeks!”

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