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Soundtracks we love

When the team and I were in the editing suit this week, we watched a piece of content that was undeniably breathtaking. I then asked our editor to put the video on mute. We very quickly realised that what made it such a standout piece was the soundtrack and sound design.

Without music and sound we often loose the soul to a piece of content.

Having just seen the latest collab between Netflix and Spotify, it got us all thinking about our favourite movie sound tracks. And there are a fair few!! From classic Theme tunes like Starwars and Jurassic Park to more contemporary films like Guardians of the Galaxy and Dreamgirls.

I wanted to run down some of our all time top picks. In no particular order, here are 15 soundtracks

from time honoured classics to some new notes worthy contenders.

The Bodyguard- If hearing Whitney belt out 'I will always love you' doesn't leave you like a mess on the floor, i'm afraid there is no helping you form here.

The High Note- Probably one not on many people's radar. Full of soulful wonders and original delights.

High Fidelity- Our CCO had this on repeat back in the 00's. Blending old school favs like The Kinks and Velvet underground with some promising newcomers of the time.

Rocketman - Elton John classics with the sensational Taaron Egerton.

Blade Runner- Entirely electronic, this soundtrack has stood the test of time.

The Shining- The perfect example of a film that would be less impactful without a score.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol.1. We embrace the oldies for a reason people. Because they are still the very best.

Dreamgirls- Jennifer Hudson stole the show here! That soul crushing rendition of 'And I am telling you I'm not going'!! Woooooo that Oscar anyone!!

Clueless- If the summer of 1995 was summed up in one album, this soundtrack would be it. Jump in your top down Jeep and roll up those knee socks!

Drive- Its hard to imagine your doing anything but staring at Ryan Gosling when watching this film. But if you just close your eyes and listen, your catch some amazing romantic, shimmery 80's pop tracks.

The Graduate- Simon and Garfunkel's "Mrs Robinson" was a breakout hit from this Iconic Mike Nichols 1960's classic. Who wouldn't want to seduce a young Dustin Hoffman!

Pitch Perfect- For all your Millennial film lovers out there this 2014 release brought us original remixes of some of the most iconic tracks of the decade.

Shrek- How many times has 'Holding out for a hero' got you up on your feet singing into your remote! Don't lie! David Bowie, Tom Waits and Nick Cave. I shall leave it there.

Dirty Dancing - I'm not sure a 8 year old girl should really grow up to a soundtrack like this but alas the times very very different back then! Surprisingly, "I had the time of my life" was my least favourite from this film.

Grace - CEO

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