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Luxury Fashion Brands and how interactivity is their marketing lifeline.

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Balenciaga 2021 Spring/ Summer

The worldwide pandemic has hit the global fashion industry hard with profits expected to fall by 93% this year alone.

Simultaneously however, the value of gamification is on an upward trajectory that’s set to reach $32 billion by 2025.

So what does the fashion industry do to stop the rapid decline of sales. Well Brands like Balenciaga & Burberry have been exploring how digital content could offset this dip through the use of virtual online gamification to interact with their customers.


If you are not familiar with the word gamification let us break it down for you:

Gamification is taking elements and inspiration from the traditional video game model. It aims to take elements like clickable areas, readables and point scoring to encourage the view to engage with the product or service.

Luxury fashion brand Balenciaga have unveiled their new Autumn/Winter 2021 collection through an interactive online video game. Launched on December 6th 2020, Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow allows users to play for free via their web browser.

Balenciaga are not the only fashion house to be using gaming tools to entice their customers.

Heritage brand known for its more traditional ways, partnered with Twitch (gaming platform) to stream its Spring 20201 show, becoming the first lux fashion brand to partner with the live-streaming platform.

It's said that the online gaming as a marketing platform is something Burberry will be exploring further moving into 2022.

It’s often the way with any new way to market that the major sector brands lead the way, with more mainstream brands following the pack in time.

Managing director of highstreet brand Oh Polly predicts that clothing retailer will be looking to digital innovation moving forward, suggesting “a video game, or interactive content, is the next logical step for brands”

But not all fashion brands have the ability to produce full scale animated games of their latest collection. So how to brands jump on the gamification band wagon at a more affordable and accessible level.

We believe that Interactive, shoppable look-books are the answer to this.

Taking your usual content shoots but optimising them for interactivity.

Adding additional shots and clickable overlays that allow customers to add items straight to their basket without leaving the video itself, keeping them engaged with your brand whilst shopping your collection.

At Interflix its second nature for us to view content in an interactive way. It seems simple that all brands should be removing all barriers to their consumers basket.

It's said that each extra sept that a customer goes through to purchase your products is a step for them to change their mind.

75% of users are now more influenced to buy via social sites than before the pandemic. That means they are consuming your brands contented first. By allowing them to shop directly from your video look-books, add items straight to their cart from your video, you take away multiple barrier to that final check out. All by making their journey to the all important “BUY NOW” a proven 43% higher than with interactivity.

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