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We have spent years perfecting interactive videos. What is the best way to introduce your interactivity, how to make choices matter to your audience, how to customise music to this content to name but a few. We want to share this knowledge with our clients to make sure our content looks good for your customers.

1. Capture the interactivity in the first 3 seconds.

You want your audience to know that your content is interactive. In todays world, we have very little time to gain peoples attention before they keep on scrolling.

Thats why at INTERFLIX we make sure we have an interactive element within the first few frames.

2. Make your choices matter.

Not all adverts have to tell a story, but when they do we make sure we write your choices that matter to your audience.

Allow them to learn more about your brand, ethos, products or what you are trying to achieve to make them have a better experience with your content.

3. Transitions are KEY

Making sure that interactive doesn't jump out to your audience but keeps them engaged without really even thinking about it, means smooth transitions.

Thats why we spend extra time perfecting custom music, buttons and editing, to make sure your story is told seamlessly. 

4. Don’t overwhelm your customers

Yes, interactive content is cool, but to much of a good thing, well doesn’t make it good anymore.

Stick to a few key interactive elements. Make your customer want more. They will keep coming back to your content to explore if they don’t feel overwhelmed by this new medium.

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