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6 Types Of Branded Video and Why They Work

We have spoken about it on our blog before but its important to recap:

What is a Brand Video?

Branded video content is any video that features your company's name, logo, or product. It can be used to promote your brand, raise awareness for your products or services, and build relationships with your customers. Video is an incredibly powerful marketing tool because it engages viewers on both an emotional and intellectual level. When done right, branded videos can help you achieve your marketing goals and connect with your target audience in a powerful way.

Hope Horner at Entrepreneur writes,

“When consumers recognise themselves as the character(s) in the story, they can then imagine taking the same journey themselves. As the video wraps, the audience should see how the brand enables its hero to overcome the odds. That is where the viewer then sees the story’s call to action.”

The great thing about branded videos is that it can take space in many different forms, as you are about to read. But what we do differently here at IF is take these traditional models and enhance them with interactivity to make sure your ROI is stronger than ever.

6 Types of Branded Video Content

Product explainer

This type of video does a lot more than just explain what your product does. It highlights a customers possible pain point and provides a solution in the form of your product.

70% of all Youtube users, use the video service to ‘help them with a problem’. After all, don’t we all now head to the Internet to help us solve all our day to day dilemmas?

Making this type of video interactive works patricianly well since most consumers have a short attention span. Breaking it down into sections allows your audience to only consume the areas that concern them.

Quick tips on this type of content:

Make sure your topic isn’t to broad

Display this type of video front and centre on your website

2. Company Culture

These videos are great for todays consumers. Ever watched 100’s of TikTocs of reels ‘A day in the life’ well this is it. A behind the scenes sneak peak at your company culture. Now it doesn’t have to be as quick fire as the above social content, we tend to make our clients a nice polish video. But what it does so is humanise your brand and the people that will be working with your clients or customers to build trust.

Quick tips:

Make it real: Don’t just produce this type of video for the sake of it. Make sure you are ready to show your authentic business and that this type of video is right for your consumer base.

3. Testimonials:

Testimonials are not for everyone, in fact they tend to sway purely to B to B businesses in our case. But they are a great way to build trust with potential clients and show ways that your previous customers have engaged in business with you.

Standard testimonial videos like many B to B video content can be a little lack lustre and uninspiring. You tend to see video engagement drop here. Thats why our clients work with hotpots and overlays to build engagement levels with their viewers.

Quick tips:

Make sure you clients are willing to give a good amount of time to give you the best video content. Ones that are really tight on time, might not be worth the investment with this type of video .

Ask the right questions that will give good information to similar companies looking for your service.

4. Product demos or new product launches:

This type of content speaks for itself. It offers a more in-depth look at a product and have this works. They differ from explainer videos as they take a deeper look and are more technical and opposed to telling the story of the brand.

A lot of the work we do with clients revolves around product launches and demos on how their product works. Because of the interactivity we use, we can put 10-20 minutes of content into a bite size play throughs, allowing your audience to explore as opposed to having to sit through long boring linear content.

This can be used as a manual, onboarding video for new customers or a selling tool for prospective users. It's both informative, sellable and practical.

Quick tips:

Avoid too much jargon. Make sure you speak to the consumer. Even with B to B sales, its still a person at the other end. Allow the video to speak to any role or consumer, they won’t always be up to date with industry specific language.

Have a good mix of product and sales. Always ask what does the viewer want and what’s in it for them.

5. Case Study:

A case study goes that much deeper than a testimonial. It tells the story of your top clients and how your product or service has improved with business. Its another type of endorsement that your product really works and again builds trust with prospective clients.

For many consumers it means that your services have been vetted by other clients and that you have delivered top line service to others.

Quick tips:

Use data as proof. Data is more valuable than gold. It speaks volumes in todays world.

Use relatable examples. Try and make your case study broad enough that it other brands outside this specific studies sector, could see this in their own business.

6. Brand Film:

The one we believe to be king of them all. The brand film. The cinematic, all singing, all dancing brand awareness piece that sits like a golden egg at the top of your homepage.

Essentially, its all about the things that make your brand authentic and human. It speaks to your companies ethos, USP and how you're engage with your clients. Making this brand piece interactive not only boosts all video KIPs and ROIs, it also allows your business to track unobtrusively what potential clients ate looking for from you.

Its not about a product, but the other things you want your audience to know about you.

Quick tips:

Express your values. Let customers connect with you on a deeper level.

Be sure to stand out. Allow your business to push the creative boundaries. Use outstanding ideas that stand you apart from your competitors. This is where Interflix can really help drive your engagement.

In conclusion video marketing is a proven method of increasing brand awareness. As consumers demand more from video and brands shift increased spend to this area, making sure you get the best engagement and recall from your video content is vital.

IF are here to help brands and businesses format the best approach on how to deliver the information you need to deliver. To find out more about interactivity and how this can help deliver better ROIs on your video spend, get in touch:


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