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Our mission is to disrupt the skip generation. We want to enable Zizoo to engage with their customers like never before. We believe brands can get more from their advertising spend by creating media that captivates users, that stimulates their thinking and empowers brand interaction.

We believe that the attention economy will be won with interactivity. 


We will look to help  Zizoo create content that speaks to their all digital online service. Making sure that the customer can complete their booking journey online with ease. Creating shoppable, stylish and sleek interactive content for distribution across all their platforms.

Whether for your brand awareness, promotions, sales, research and development or editorial, these videos can help drive engagement with consumers, giving them a bespoke viewing experience. 

1. Make the customer journey as seamless and informative as possible to keep the whole process online.

2. Beat the 76% skip rate on content. 

3. Making content that works harder for you, keeping your audience more engaged.

4. Focus on a digital presence for sales and marketing.

5. Make content that is informative, combining beautiful imagery with saleable information. 

6. Stand out from competitors by advancing beyond standard video.



Remember to click on the buttons to explore it interactively 


La Mer to Nike, Porsche to Maybelline, these are some of the innovative brands leading the way in interactivity, showing just how seriously  brands need to move to interactive advertising or risk losing relevance in today’s attention economy.

We know this is a journey all brands need to take.

The truth is in the numbers.

76% of generic ads are skipped, but with interactive...


Video Completion Rate


Brand Recall Rate


Products Added To Cart


Higher Click Through 


Greater Engagement 


Greater sales intent 


Replay-ability Rate for content 

When asked, 88% of Marketers said they would use interactive content to increase spend from existing customers, but also win new business.

Turn Your Video Into A Two Way Conversation 

Track your video performance

Our videos can track over 150 data points from the moment you publish your video – whether on your website, within an app or on social media channels. We can then provide real-time interactive video marketing metrics  with updated reporting on how your video is performing. We can also download a custom report for a deep dive into the numbers.

The best thing is, it's all unobtrusive. So we don't need to use cookies and we can tell you what your customers actually want!

INTERFLIX is the first solely interactive production house in the UK. 

We strive to produce more meaningful and engaging content using interactivity. 

We give audience choice.

we provide brands with something unique. 

we collect unobtrusive insight.

we deliver interactivity.


from concept to completion,

brand and original content,

we have you covered.

INTERFLIX Media is a multi award winning brand and entertainment production house, creating interactive content for the mass market. We turn video into adventures that audiences can control. 

INTERFLIX are the first solely interactive production house in the UK. 

Our founders have over twenty years combined experience working in the film industry, with their first short film being recognised by the Oscars. They've spent the last 4 years dedicated to Virtual Reality content, commissioned by leading international VR companies.

In 2019, they created 4 interactive VR feature films, and discovered the potential for interactive content outside of the headset and onto the mass market. Interflix's content receives on average an 88% completion rate and a rewatch average of 2.8x. When they learnt that 76% of generic ads are skipped, they saw the undeniable asset interactive content had for brands. 

Now dedicated to Interactive content, they want to help push the boundaries of what this exciting new medium has to offer.

How We Will Use Interactive For Zizoo.

Passive content is a thing of the past with todays dominant demographics. There is an overwhelming amount of media online so how do you beat the skip and scroll generation? 

You get them engaging with the content. You allow them to discover exactly what they want to see by giving them a bespoke experience. With Zizoo offering a fun, adventurous and action packed packages, why not do that with your digital presence.

Their journey with you starts right from the content they consume. 

What we can integrate into your videos:



Truly capture the imagination of your audience by creating compelling content with branching narratives.  Branching allows you to add clickable decision points in your video. This allows them to craft their own viewing experience thats relevant and rewarding to them. 

Every pathway leads to discovering more of the collection. We can overlay custom voice over or text to deliver a bespoke advert.

The possibilities for Branching Advertising is endless.

Branching experiences can drive repeat views by 2-3X.



Sticky Hotspots: These Stick to objects as they move. Typically you'll see 9x higher viewer activity on a hotspot

Static Hotspot: These are anchored to a fixed position in the video frae and don't move. We can customise when they appear and disappear from scene. 

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One of the actions that a hotspot can trigger is opening an overlay within the video.An overlay can display text, images, videos or sales links. Viewers spend up to 3x longer in a video containing overlays.


Don't loose them once you have them hooked. Create easily clickable links to sales, booking or contact pages. These buttons can be linked to any URL you like. 

Other Areas We Provide

-Create shoppable videos 

-Completely customisable with buttons and branding 

-Information inside the video can be easily updated 

-We can create social teasers to get them to swipe up and watch 

-Password protect your videos for private sales 

-Subtitles in 65 languages and more. 


Short form interactive videos, perfect for monthly output.

We shoot these in our studio on a two month rotation. We can provide these with quick turn around times for pressing deadlines and are prefect for refreshing your content and displaying new products monthly. We can include multiple products, information and 'add to basket' links  seamlessly. 

Instant was designed to give brands constant refreshing content for product launches, promotions, sales and research and development. This is a great way to gain insight on consumer preferences for larger campaign concepts.

We also create custom social teasers for you to embed onto your channel.


Already have compelling footage you wish to make more engaging? We will take your content and overlay our interactivity. We will help advise on what's required to make an interactive video stand out, as overlaying original content can work against the interactive experience.  We deal with all the interactivity, servers and software maintenance for you. 

This service includes the live data capture reports. 


So you already have a team ready to shoot but they need guidance on how to shoot for interactive. 

With our concept consultancy we work with your film team to create detailed concepts and shot lists that we will need to craft the best interactive experience. 

Filming for interactive is subtly different to filming standard content. We have done so many of these shoots, that's why we are one of the best.

Your team then sends us the RAW footage and we take it into post from there. 

This service includes the live data capture reports. 


Take your digital video marketing to the next level with an interactive advert. Providing multiple paths and product options, we help you harness all the benefits of interactive content. We work with you from concept to completion.     

We are a full, in-house service from pre to post production. We take care of it all. 

Filmic is a package that is great for flagship content for quarterly campaigns (Christmas, Black Friday, new launches). This package is handled by us so you don't need to worry. 

Following post production, we then provide a monthly report with all the unobtrusive data we collect via your clickable hotspots. 

No matter what package you choose, you can be sure that we shoot all our content on the industries best cinematic RED cameras. We shoot in RAW 6-8K to make sure your quality is never compromised and we custom colour your footage, music, buttons and branding to suit your needs. 

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