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Branching Narrative 

Branching content allows you to put multiple products or ideals into one single video. Giving your audience a bespoke viewing experience.
Let them discover what they want to know about your brand. This is a great tool for repeat viewing. We have an average re watch rate of 2.8X on branching videos.  That means our customers watch our adverts at least 2.8 times.

Hotspots and Overlays 

We can customise hotspots for your products that will allow your viewers to learn more about this item, take your directly to URL links or sale pages. These hotpots can be static or moveable with your video. We can overlay text, images or videos within these hotspots.

Hotspots and overlays tent to boast a 9X greater engagement level with the content. 

webiste images dd_edited_edited.png
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