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INTERFLIX is the first solely interactive production house in the UK. 

We strive to produce more meaningful and engaging content using interactivity. 

We give audience choice.

we provide brands something unique. 

we collect unobtrusive insight.

we deliver interactivity.


from concept to completion,

brand and original content,

we have you covered.

Here at Interflix, we take product placement that one step further for our brand partners. We place your products into our original interactive films. 

We get consumers actively engaging with your brand. 

We open doors to new demographics and provide you with insightful data on the backend. Investing in product placement is the next step for brand advertising. Investing into interactive product placement is the next evolution. 


Our mission is to disrupt the skip generation. We want to enable brands to engage with their customers like never before. We believe brands can get more from their advertising spend by collaborating with media that captivates users, that stimulates their thinking and empowers brand interaction. We believe that the attention economy will be won with interactivity. 


The problem for brands is there is too much content.


Users spend hours scrolling through feeds and skipping through adverts.  


Online advertising effectiveness is dependent on its ability to stop the scroll and beat the skip.  


Brands are not only competing with others in the market, but competing for attention - this is the Attention Economy.  


Some brands are already looking at ways to win and keep user attention.  


Those that don’t will be left running to catch up with the rest.


We believe the brands that will win will be those that beat the skip.

How do you keep users engaged with your product advertising, if they are so used to scrolling and skipping? 

You empower them. You give them the power to choose. You place it inside the content.
You enable choice through interactivity.




By combining cutting edge technology with cinematic creativity we can enable brands to beat the skip generation. We partner your product with suitable characters and situations that delight users, drive engagement and boost completion.

We create value.

Create experiences that delight your users. Immerse them in content that engages them. Empower them with choices that showcase your brand.

Your advertising spend will be wasteful - 76% of generic ads are skipped. That’s £76 worth of production lost in every £100.

Brands Using 



Screenshot 2021-11-16 at 11.52.34.png
Screenshot 2021-11-16 at 11.52.44.png

Here are some of the brands using Product Placement in 2020. 

The landscape with product placement is rapidly changing.

We want to encourage and educate the benefits of PP for SME's as well as the global heavy hitters. 


Screenshot 2021-11-16 at 11.52.27.png

Trailblazing brands are leading the way in interactivity showing just how seriously advertisers and brands need to move to interactive advertising within content or risk losing relevance in today’s attention economy.

We know this is a journey all brands need to take.

The truth is in the numbers.


Video Completion Rate


Brand Recall Rate


Products Added To Cart


Higher Click Through 


Greater Engagement 


Greater sales intent 


Replay-ability Rate for content 

When asked, 88% of Marketers said they would use interactive content to increase spend from existing customers, but also win new business and open doors with new demographics.

The Time Is Now 

-The time for brands to stop wasting advertising budget is here.

-The time to stop wasting customer time with ineffective, un-engaging media is right now.

-Now is the time for brands to win in the attention economy.

-The time is now for brands to seize the initiative and get more from their advertising and awareness.


We’re here to make it happen.

We know we can’t do this alone.


We need to work with brands who understand the power of data, the value of information beyond the vanity metrics and the importance of actionable insights.


This is why we collect user data unobtrusively to enable brands to stay ahead.





    How We work With You   


We allow our audience to choose where their story goes and how they want to interact with your product. 

We work with you to place your product in suitable areas within our films. We can link them with specific characters and scenarios that enhance your brand story and awareness. 

We want to gain the most insightful data for you, so you and our creative team work hand in hand to make the placement authentic and valuable.

Your content is in good hands.


As an award winning team with numerous coveted film production accolades under our belt, (including a long list Oscar Nom!)


We know what it takes to create content that connects.

If you are looking to take interactive one step further. Learn more about how we work with our brand clients to create bespoke interactive adverts. 


CEO: Grace Chadwick

+44 7900 332103 - Offices in London and Surrey 

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