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Brands need to be creative now more than ever.

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

If you're seeking for something new and inventive, bring your project to INTERFLIX for a truly unique result.

The LIONS State of Creativity Report 2021 interviewed 1500 media professionals and marketers, and 80% of them considered upskilling their creative staff to be an important challenge.

The epidemic has highlighted our need for genuine connection and communication, and brands that can't cut it in terms of creativity are being left behind.

“The pandemic is fundamentally changing what people want and businesses need to evolve to accommodate these new expectations,” says Charlotte Williams, Lions VP of Content. “Old ways of thinking and ‘sticking to what’s worked in the past’ simply won’t do.”

Despite the huge need for boundary-pushing creative, according to the study, "brands are currently unwilling to depart from what appear to be safe tactics." The report adds that while "in a sea of repetition, companies risk losing out on a plethora of once-in-a-lifetime possibilities,"

Enter: INTERFLIX. Of course, we're going to shout from the rooftops about this one; it's a very bright trumpet made by a global community of millions of creators. INTERFLIX can turn your blank pages into reams of unique, innovative ideas for companies hesitant to take more risks in brighter, sharper creative or for companies who are happy with their daring creative decisions.

INTERFLIX is home to a team of professionals that hail from all corners of the creative industry. From advertising and design, to music and film, our team has won awards for their creativity time and time again.

We frequently hold the hands of businesses who are afraid to talk with an enormous creative community and whether or not they will obtain any work that truly speaks to them. It will never get old for us to see a client's jaw drop open after being presented with a plethora of high-quality, on-brief, unique creative material from our community.

These are concepts and services that would never see the light of day in your conference rooms. These are concept designed by your target audience around the principles and aesthetics that motivate them. These are more inventive than any conventional agency, and they're never a rehashed version of a concept rejected by another company.

After being inspired by the amazing talent and quality of the contributions they received from our community, brands that employ INTERFLIX as a creative source frequently end up buying more work than they had anticipated.

As mentioned in the LIONS report, “The breadth and depth of creativity is constantly changing, enhanced by new developments in data and technology. Creativity can be experienced in design, innovation, commerce and transformation. Italways requires fresh thinking on how it is applied.” Consider whether you can truly accomplish something with your current in-house staff.

If not, reach out to us. We're always happy to help brands get the creativity they need and deserve.

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