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The Isle Tide Hotel 

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JOSH MALONE receives a letter from a private investigator hired by his estranged daughter to find him. She’s gone missing. Josh travels to the Isle Tide Hotel to join the hunt, but soon discovers this is no ordinary place. Open every three years for three nights, a cult prepares for a bizarre ritual. A strange mix of colourful characters, each hiding a personal trauma with one thread binding them. Their search for the meaning of life. Just as Josh closes in on his daughter, the entire congregation switch bodies. No longer sure who to trust, the closing ceremony begins as Josh uncovers his daughters involvement in the Tide.


Pardon the Intrusion

Officially selected by 14 international film festivals and winning four Best Short Film Awards, Pardon the Intrusion was our flagship first. It's a film exploring age, personal courage and interconnection.



Housebound Betty Wallis receives her basic needs through carers, who visit briefly each morning and night. Soon however, Betty finds she is not alone, as an intruder inhabits her home.

Skin Deep

Skin Deep marks the tone and quality this company has to offer. Having premiered in Nashville, Skin Deep has featured in multiple festivals.


Obsessed by appearance, a woman applies mysterious cream to help reignite her stagnant marriage. But when her skin peels away, her obsession soon turns his fantasy into a nightmare.

The Path

Commissioned to write a short film for the talented Director Tobias Brebner, The Path has officially been selected by six international film festivals. This daube film was experimental in its approach but delivers a visually stunning piece, complimented by its use poetry.



A moment caught between paths where divisions and decisions are made. To keep the one you love, or purse a personal dream?

THE STN SERIES: Survive The Night

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Survive The Night is an interactive, 180° series, shot in 4K 3D.


Each experience will test your skills and morals as you face new terrors each episode. You must choose which path to follow. But be warned, make the wrong choice, and you die. 


Survive The Night is a platform from which we hope to push the boundaries of interactive entertainment.

To make our mark on this corner of the industry. To challenge the audience.

To present quality, thought provoking choice and excitement.

In partnering with Amaze, we hope to create something truly unique.

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