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A Next Generation Film Studio,
Creating Interactive Branded Content. 

A Next Generation Film Studio,
Creating Interactive Branded Content. 

A Next Generation Film Studio,
Creating Interactive Branded Content. 

We write, film and edit CLICKABLE VIDEOS. That's right. Videos you can click on!

Why? So audiences can choose where the story goes, add items directly to their basket and engage more!


We combine cinematic filmmaking with advanced interactive technology, helping brands tell stories to

beat the skip and scroll generations. So why film something you can click?

Because 76% of standard video is skipped! That is a lot of marketing money wasted.

Customers expect more bespoke engagement with brands. 

Privacy online has never been more important so we collect data unobtrusively.

And most importantly... we give audiences choice.

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The Attention Economy



Brands are not only competing with others in the market, but competing for audience attention - this is the Attention Economy. 

We believe this can be beaten using the next innovation of  online video advertising. 



We film your advert, trailer or informative content with a twist. 

We combine quality content with interactive technology  to allow your audience to choose where the story goes. 


Advertise multiple products in a single video. Allow your audience to discover something new .


Your audience can discover which of your products is best for them.

Then make the purchase effort more straight forward, with dynamic links straight to your products sales site, even adding it to their cart.


Unobtrusive mapping. A way forward in customer privacy whilst still collecting the preferences you need to know.

Understand where larger ad campaigns would work better, what products are hot and gain insight for research and development as we track audience preferences, without the need for cookies.


Complete the Ad


Had Greater Recall


Clicked on more products


Increased products added to their cart


Greater engagement rate with Interactive

Advertising. Evolved.


Welcome to Interactive Advertising.

With Interflix, give your audience the choice as to where the story goes, advertise a range of products in a single ad or show them around your store. Allow them to click on a product mid-ad, and even add it to their cart. Allow them freedom.


Through their preferences, we map this data unobtrusively, allowing you to better understand your customer. You get engaging adverts with the data included, making for one powerful package.

Welcome to Interflix.

Custom Storyline

We will work with you or your marketing team to construct engaging adverts that are tailor made to promote your products and collect the information you need for your brand.

Making it Interactive

We then make the magic work. With our partners, we create the interactivity and organise everything for you. We map the correct pathways and link the ad to your website and your customers carts.

Filming your interactive Ad

Leave the filming to us. We provide a full filming, editing and post production service, making your interactive ad stand out.


Discover how many customers viewed your ad, which paths they took, what products they selected, purchase conversions and many more.

INTERFLIX Is The First Solely Interactive Production

House In The UK. 

Our mission is to disrupt the skip generation.

We strive to produce more meaningful and engaging video content using interactivity

We give audience choice.

We provide brands something unique. 

We collect unobtrusive insight.

We deliver interactivity.

From concept to completion, brand and original content, we have you covered.


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Be A Game Changing Brand. 
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