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Helping influencers and brands to reach the next evolution of video content  

INTERFLIX is the first solely interactive production house in the UK. 

We strive to produce more meaningful and engaging content using interactivity. 

We give your audience choice.

we help influencers provide brands something unique. 

we collect unobtrusive insight beyond the standard.

we deliver interactivity.


from concept to completion,

brand and original content,

we have you covered.



2021 saw the influencer marketing space grow by 41%

The Top 10 Male Fashion Influencers on Instagram Now .jpeg


The number of top influencers in the UK. With 20+ M influencers worldwide



Mega Influencers tend to have a poorer engagement rate over micro. They need to prove to brands that they can keep their consumers engaged


10-15 yrs

Influencers are businesses in their own right and they need to start to future proof their careers. This is the next evolution of band advertising. 

We work hand in hand with Agencies to help their Influencers cut through the content noise and build longevity with brands.


Future proofing their place in the market by elevating their content to the next evolution. 


Our mission is to disrupt the skip generation. We want to enable your Influencers and content creators to engage with their customers like never before. We believe they can get more from their brand deals by creating media that captivates users, that stimulates their thinking and empowers brand interaction. We believe that the attention economy will be won with interactivity. 


The problem for brands is there is too much content and too many influencers. 


Users spend hours scrolling through feeds and skipping through adverts. 


Online advertising effectiveness is dependent on its ability to stop the scroll and beat the skip 

Influencers and their brand campaigns are not only competing with others in the market, but competing for attention - this is the Attention Economy  


Some brands are already looking at ways to win and keep user attention and Influencers need to be at the forefront of this change.   


Those that don’t will be left running to catch up with the rest


We believe the influencers that will win with brands are those that beat the skip.

How do you keep users engaged with your brand adverts, if they are so used to scrolling and skipping? 

You empower them. You give them the power to choose. You enable choice through interactivity.


The leading challenge businesses face in influencers marketing in the UK and Europe is measuring the effect of the product and building an onwards strategy from what data an influencer can provide. 


Screenshot 2022-01-25 at 11.31.06.png

We know we can’t do this alone.


We work with agencies and their content creators who understand the power of data, the value of information beyond the vanity metrics and the importance of actionable insights.


This is why we collect user data unobtrusively to enable brands to stay ahead and get instant feedback straight from the influencers audience.





TrailBlazing Brands Using Interactive Advertising 




These are just some of the innovative brands leading the way in interactivity showing just how seriously advertisers and brands need to move to interactive advertising or risk losing relevance in today’s attention economy.

Combining influencers and interactivity is a winning solution for brand marketing. 

We know this is a journey all brands need to take.

The truth is in the numbers.


Video Completion Rate


Brand Recall Rate


Products Added To Cart


Higher Click Through 


Greater Engagement 


Greater sales intent 


Replay-ability Rate for content 

When asked, 88% of Marketers said they would use interactive content to increase spend from existing customers, but also win new business.

The Time Is Now 

-The time for influencers to evolve their content is now. 

-The time to stop blending into the scroll is here. 

-Now is the time for your content creators and brands to win in the attention economy.

-The time is now for your influencers to stand out from their competitors to both brands and audiences. 


We’re here to make it happen.


We work hand in hand with your clients to create a concept to completion piece of content for a brand sponsor, or even their own brand. We deal with everything from the script right through to the insight reports. 

Your content is in good hands.


As an award winning team with numerous coveted film production accolades under our belt, (including a long list Oscar Nom!)


we know what it takes to create content that connects.



CEO: Grace Chadwick

+44 7900 332103

Head of Creative Communications: Ben Brookes - Offices in London and Surrey 

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