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of marketers have said that they would use interactivity in their new campaigns.

The noise and competition online has increased over the pandemic as brands shift their focus from the traditional store windows to the virtual ones. Including interactive video as part of your campaign is a proven way to increase retention, sales and ROIs on your spend.

Agencies that use interactive for their brands have found huge success not only for existing ones but also to win new business. 

'How do we get our clients to buy into interactive adverts?' 

Interactive is and is becoming an integral part of the marketing strategy for innovate and forward thinking brands. Millennials and Gen Z expect more interaction with their content, thus making interactivity a must. If you are selling video content to your clients, make sure you are selling them success, innovation and the higher ROI product by making that content with Interflix. 

We don't have limits with creativity here. We can put more creativity, products and info into 1 ad that traditional content can do across an entire campaign! 

Limitless creativity

For any Brands or Agencies looking to understand a little more about the power of interactivity within advertising, Forbes did a great write up as to how it attracts a number of difficult-to-reach demographics for advertisers.

'For example, more than 90% of global internet users between the ages of 16 and 24 play games on at least one of their devices, making interactive a key opportunity for advertisers in 2020 and beyond.'

Technological advancements in interactive experiences are making adverts a more intriguing and potentially highly effective prospect for advertisers. To read more from this article please check out our post. 

To learn more about interactivity and how to implement this content medium into your clients strategy, please get in touch to be sent our white-paper.  

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