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The Next Generation Of Brand Advertising And Entertainment.

The first solely interactive production house in the UK. Redefining Content. 

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To give audiences choice.

To create meaningful content.

To both engage and challenge.

We want everyone to have a unique experience and uncover all that our films and adverts have to offer.

We are motivated by making compelling video that provides value for its brands.

Our Story

Our founders have over twenty years combined experience working in the film industry, with their first film being recognised by the Oscars.


With our heritage in award-winning Film combined with the knowledge and skills in the interactive space means we understand what goes into crafting quality content which audiences will genuinely love.

Now dedicated to Interactive content, INTERFLIX want to help push the boundaries of what this exciting new medium has to offer.

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We don't just make content, we make films.

And we love it. 

From start to finish our Founders and senior creatives touch every element of the projects that come through INTERFLIX's door. We work with the industries best creators to make sure you get a well rounded approach to your content. 

Don't Just Take Our Word For It. 


If you get the opportunity to work with INTERFLIX - grab it with both hands.....cast and crew taken care of superbly, brilliant experience both on and off set. Delivering a superb product - Aurea Williamson

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